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Aviation Consulting

 With over 100 years and nearly 100,000 flight hours of collective aviation experience among the exectuve staff, the Shoreline Aviation Services Team Members are your go-to guys for aviation consulting. We offer a host of consulting services including career counseling, aircraft & charter brokerage, prebuy inspections & new aircraft acquisition assistance, appraisals. and much more! Our team members come from all aviation backgrounds, with everything from military aviation to airline maintenance represented! No matter what your venture is, our wide and varied collection of experience among the exectuve staff gives us the knowledge bank to provide you with a voice of experience to guide you in your ventures. We have professional aviators, flight instructors, former military pilots, aircraft mechanics, insurance agents, and information technology professionals all on staff waiting to serve you.

Business Development

 Starting an aviation business? Let us help! We have experience in everything from Part 135 Operations to flight school management. We offer extensive assistance to the aviation professional, including:

  • Professional Web Design
  • Facilitation of Promotional Items
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Needs analyses

 Our professionals have considerable experience managing and operating various aviation businesses and are ready to assist you. We are willing & able to assist with projects like aircraft purchases, facilities construction, and insurance. And with that out of the way, you can capitalize on internet marketing with our competitive web design & maintenance. Our professional web design services are provided by our own in-house web designer, and are tailor-made to your specifications!

 Remember, if it's aviation and it's business, odds are that we do it. Ready to make life easy? Call us today!