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Aircraft Management

 Want the benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassle? Let the professionals at ShorelinAviation Services do the work for you! Our
 highly experienced aircraft management department manages private aircraft throughout the country, and can do the same for you. We handle everything from maintenance to crewing.
  • No airport security hassle
  • No lost luggage
  • No waiting!

 Aircraft owners throughout the country have the Shoreline Advantage. Shouldn't you?

Flight Operations

 Our courteous and professional flight crews are all hand-selected by our Executive Staff of seasoned pilots to be exceedingly proficient, courteous, and safe. Many are former military or airline pilots with a wealth of aeronautical experience. After selection, each flight crew member then flies with our Chief Executive Officer, Captain Glen Rutland, for his own personal approval of the pilot. We ensure that only the best wear the Shoreline wings.

 Every aircraft is exquisitely maintained and provisioned in pristine condition for the ultimate comfortable flight experience. We personalize every flight with your favorite drinks, snacks, and any special requests for that personalized touch. We then guarantee that the aircraft will be promptly ready and waiting for your next departure. Just strap yourself in and we'll do the rest!


 With an extensive maintenance background, the staff at Shoreline Aviation Services pays excruciating detail to the care and maintenance of your aircraft. A private aircraft is a tremendous investment, and that fact is not lost on us. Thus, we protect your investment as if it were our own. With Shoreline caring for your aircraft, there's nothing to worry about!

 All aircraft are meticulously maintained in compliance with all applicable Federal regulations and manufacturer's directives in order to ensure the utmost in comfort and safety. All maintenance operations are personally overseen by Shoreline pilot & Chief Operating Officer Alton Brown, a master aircraft mechanic of over 30 years' experience. Call us today at (800) 747-0825 and let your aviation experience soar to new heights!